Electric callus remover, electric foot file with battery indicator, foot care Callus rasp Waterproof USB Rechargeable with 5 grinding rollers Callus plane and cleaning brush for foot care

【USB charging with battery indicator】

Electric Foot Care Simply charge the wireless electric foot file with the USB charging cable for 2 hours until it is fully charged. You can see how much battery is left. With 800mah large battery capacity, it can be used for 100-150 minutes when the device is fully charged

【Safe and Fast】

Electric Foot Care come swith 2 speeds with one button. Low speed is suitable for corneal callus and more sensitive skin care. High speed is suitable for stubborn thick calluses and dead skin. The LED lamp on the inside lights up during operation, which ensures a clear view and precise corneal removal.

【Waterproof IPX7】

With the high waterproof level, the callus remover can also be used under the shower and running water. Do not immerse it completely in water. It is recommended to wipe the water off your feet for a better result.

【Ergonomic design】

The nicely shaped, non-slip handle ensures a comfortable, secure grip. All materials of the hard skin remover are environmentally friendly and meet 100% natural standards. Thanks to the wireless design, you can also use the callus remover on the go (e.g. when traveling, etc.).

【Stylish Appearance】

Aluminum alloy shell and beautifully polished, For refining the nail edges and shaping the edges. It is suitable for nail salon or personal manicure, DIY nail art at home. Great for natural nails as well as fake nails, great tools for any professional manicurist or novice.

Product description

Color Name: white

The Vivibel Electric Callus Remover effectively removes calluses and makes your feet supple. With pure aluminum body, stylish and durable to use. Ergonomic design, comfortable to grip.

– Condition: 100% Brand New
-Item Type : Electric Callus Remover – Materil: Aluminum
– Power Supply: 12V
– Power: 12w
– Maximum Speed: 450 rpm
– MaxTorque: 4kg.m
– Voltage: 100-240 V
– Size: Approx . 12 * 4.5 cm / 4.7 * 1.7 inches
– Package weight:

about 412g How do I use the electric callus remover?
Preparatory work:

we need to soak our foot with warm water for 20-30 minutes to make the skin of the feet softer.
1- Peel off the protective film from the sandpaper disc.
2 – glue it on the machine well.
3 – put the plug in the socket.
4 – Turn on the switch and set the appropriate speed.
5 – During operation, you cannot use too much pressure, but adequate pressure, otherwise the machine will be damaged.
6 – After use, remove the sandpaper disc and clean the machine with a dry cloth. Package List:
Electric Foot File Machine
Box Replacement Sandpaper Disc (60pcs)
EU plug (equipped with speed controller)
Kind note:
– Do not press the button of the device too hard during use.
– The device is not waterproof. Please do not wash this with water!