Ekupuz Massage Gun with 6 Massage Heads and 30 Adjustable Speeds. Muscle Massager Electronic Deep Tissue. Muscle Massage Gun for Neck, Back, Shoulder

About this item

【30 Adjustable Speed】

The high torque motor drives of Ekupuz Massage Gun 1200 to 3200 times per minute and reaches your tissue up to 12 mm deep. To loosen the fascia (connective tissue). It also helps greatly in muscle relaxation, especially to get rid of stiff and acid pain in the muscles. You can choose a preferred speed for your daily massage or relaxation after training.

【6 interchangeable massage heads】

EKUPUZ massage gun is equipped with 6 different shaped massage heads. So the different attachments are suitable for different muscle groups, and provide targeted treatment for quick recovery. Easy and quick to disassemble massage heads in seconds.

【Long battery life and LCD touch screen】

It Also equipped with a high-quality lithium battery with 2400 mAh, the massage gun can be approx. 4-6 hours after charging. LCD touch display control. So you can easily use the massager and intuitively read the remaining amount of power and speed level.

【Advanced noise reduction technology 】

In addition the EKUPUZ muscle massager features advanced technology and the unbrushed electric motor with high torque that provides high performance with low noise. It won’t disturb others when used in the office or gym.

【Portable Design】

Ergonomically also designed handle minimizes external vibrations and durable non-slip silicone handle makes it easy to hold the massager. And comes with a handy carry case to keep all parts in perfect condition and make it more portable when travelling.

Product Description

Get a better relaxation after training.

EKUPUZ massage gun with long battery life and neat power. The massage increases blood circulation, thus relieving pain and gently stretching stiff muscles and releasing muscle tension. It comes with six interchangeable attachments, the different attachments allow different muscle groups to be optimally treated.

Massage Gun 2Massage Gun 3Massage Gun 3
12 mm amplitude.Unlike the 10 mm amplitude massage gun available on the market, our massage gun has an amplitude of 12 mm, so that the drum can penetrate deep into the deep tissue.Suitable for all muscle groups.With 6 massage heads for all muscle groups, the different attachments are good to treat the different muscle groups, and different muscle groups require different massage times.Long battery life.The massage gun is equipped with a lithium-ion battery – 2400 mAh. When fully charged, it can be massaged for up to 4-6 hours, providing enough electrical energy for a week of training.

More Details:

Massage Gun 1Massage Gun 2Massage Gun 3
New generation engine.Our massage gun is equipped with new generation brushless motors that produce very little noise while providing a strong massage power.The operating noise is less than 45 dB. Enjoy your massage moment easily and comfortably.Excellent heat dissipation.The massage gun has an extended heat dissipation area that extends the life of the product. An efficient heat dissipation design reduces the heat generated during machine use, effectively reducing damage to the machine and reduce the likelihood of product failure.Package contents:1 x massage gun.6 x massage heads.1 x charger.1 x portable bag.1 x multilingual manual (English language not guaranteed).