Digital Tape Measure 16Ft M/In/Ft Rechargeable with Large Backlit LCD, Auto-lock, 10 Data Store, Rezero Button, Recalibration, Relative measurement, USB Charging Cable Included – TACKLIFE MDT01

Intelligent LCD Screen with backlight

– Digital Tape Measure intuitively displays the reading, making your measurement more cool and simple. In some environments where it is not convenient for the eyes to read (such as dangerous high places or dark environment). The LCD with backlight can directly display the measured results, without the need of paper and pen, you can press the hold key once to save the data (up to 10 sets of data)

In/ft/cm Switch & Relative/Center measurement

– Also you can choose any unit suitable for reading habits by pressing the in/ft/cm button. Center measurement – if you want to hang a picture at the center of the wall, this function can make this very simple; relative measurement is measuring a distance relative to a certain point, you can directly select the relative measurement function to go on measuring without retracting the tape and starting from that point again

High Accuracy + Recalibration + Resetting

– Accuracy:±1/16”,or ±1cm.Re-calibration at 200cm point – When you feel that the measured data and the actual data are inconsistent, you can start the re-calibration. So Pull the ruler to 200cm point, choosing the re-calibration, the digital tape measure will calibrate itself. Also The selection of reference level makes your tape measure not limited by the edge, making the reading more accurate. The reset button makes all measurements start from zero.

Convenience Special Design for Customers

In addition to data storage – Up to 10 sets of data can be stored without stopping to record the measured results with pen and paper; Data can be stored till you delete it; Auto lock – no manual lock required; Pull out the tape and it locks automatically, press the retract button to get the tape back;USB charging – no need to replace the battery, free type-C charging cable is provided, which can be directly charged anywhere in the home; Charge for two hours, use fo

Good Quality & 24-Month Service Card -Tape:

5m/16ft length, 25mm width, stainless steel tape, clear scale, double-layer coating;The measuring tape can extend till 235cm without collapsing or snapping IP54:Special-designed full-protection black soft rubber makes it seems cool and protect it from falling and water.

Product Description

  • The Latest Multi-functional Digital Tape Measure with Backlit LCD:

As a convenient digital tape measure, it can accurately measure distance, getting real-time values,

its multi functions can meet the needs of different applications.

You can switch the units between inch/m/ft, Accuracy:1 / 16 “.

Compared with the naked eye reading, it avoids the error,

and also allows you to directly view the data in the environment (dark environment or high place)

where is not convenient for reading, making your measurement safer & more convenient.

Intuitive & Convenient Digital Tape Measure

Switch on / off – Before using the digital display function of this tape measure,

please turn on the machine first, and then pull out the tape, otherwise the screen will not display data


Auto-lock + ✓Retract Button

2-meter Re-calibration

LCD Screen with Backlight + ✓Low Battery Indicator

2 Reference Levels

Center measurement + ✓Relative measurement

Reset button

Portable buckle

In/ft/cm Switch

Stainless Steel Tape

Hold Button

Data storage – 10 Long-term Memories

Long-life&Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer Battery

Special Design In Details for Better Accuracy

unit switchzero clawretract button
3 Units for Switching – Inch/Foot/MetricTo adapt to the habits of different customers, this tape measure has 3 standard units for you to choose: Inch/Foot/Metric.- Before measuring, you can select the unit displays on LCD, or switch the unit after measurement. (This tape measure will automatically convert the value for you.)- These 3 units are also available on its tapeZero-setting Claw – Ensure the AccuracySometimes we may need to measure closely against the wall, or hook the edge of the target to measure. To make the thickness of its ruler claw don’t affect the measured results, we designed this movable claw.- It can ensure the accuracy of the measurement result according to the actual situation. It’s not a quality issue, it’s an exclusive design.Auto-Lock & Retract ButtonIn using, it’s very troublesome to lock a tape at any time. You need to use both hands, limiting your performance and affecting the accuracy. The rapid & automatic retraction of steel tape may hurt your fingers if you don’t lock it well.- To avoid those, we specially designed the Auto-lock for this tape measure. Pulling out its tape, it automatically locks, being Convenient & Safe.- Retract Button for retracting the tape at a speed you can control

Selecting the Reference Level

You can select between two different reference planes to convenience your measuring:

– The rear measuring-tool edge (e.g. when measuring onward from a wall)

– The front measuring-tool edge (e.g. when measuring onward from a table edge)

Press Refence Level button to choose the requested reference level.

2 Reference Levels

Center/Relative Measurement

10 Sets of Data

2-meter Re-calibration

Rechargeable + Low Battery Indication

Long-life&Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer Battery

– Type-C USB Charging Line Provided

  • Lithium-ion Polymer Battery has a long service life. For the experimental data, its capacity can be maintained at about 90% after 5 years of use and about 80% after 10 years
  • Being rechargeable & durable, after one full charge, this tape measure can keep working for 6h or normal use for at least 7 days.
  • Reset Button – Try to avoid pressing the reset button under the tape claw in measuring.If press that button, the data will be cleared off. Continue to pull, it will start reading at this point.
  • Product cannot be used during charging
  • Quickly press the reference level button twice to reverse the screen display