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Large LCD display

– This digital multimeter with a maximum measurement value of 1999, also up to 600V measuring range for AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, passage and diode.

Multiple Actions

– Accuracy measures AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, capacity, frequency, temperature, diode and also continuity test, transistor. In addition it is a good multi-function digital multimeter.

Fold out stand

– The digital multimeters can be held by hand or held with the fold-out stand. In addition Removable thick rubber housing protects multimeter from splashes and minor bumps.

Automatic shut-off

– this multi tester is available in approx. Automatically turns off 15 minutes after switching on. It needs to be switched off and switched on again to continue power.

Box contents:

digital multimeter, 9 V battery, instruction manual, test cable, in addition to 24 months warranty.

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Product description

Colour Name:Gelb

Product descriptions

Max. Display: 1999 Counts, 3 1/2 digits
Range Selection: Automatic range
DC voltage: 200m-2-20-200-1000V ± 0.5%.
AC voltage: 200m-2-20-200-750V ± 1.0%.
DC current: 2m-20m-200m-20A ±1.8%.
AC current: 2m-20m-200m-20A ± 2.0%.
Resistance: 200-2k-20k-200k-2M-20M-200MΩ ± 1.0%
Frequency: 20n-200n-2u-20uF-200uF ± 4.0%

Do not use more than the rated voltage, as marked on the gauge, between terminals or between each terminal and earth mass.
2. Use caution when working on 30 V AC rms, 42 V peak, or 60 V DC. Such tensions represent a shock hazard.