Crepe Iron for Hair. 4-in-1 Hair Straightener Crepe Iron. Multistyler Ceramic Straightener. And Wave Iron Hair. Temperature Control with Rapid Heating for Straight and Crimper Hair

About this item

4-in-1 Multifunction Hair Clipper:

This Crepe Iron for Hair has 4 interchangeable ultra-smooth. Extra-wide ceramic plates, which ensure better contact with the hair for a silky smooth finish.

4 Adjustable Heat Setting:

The hair straightener waver has 4 individual heat settings that heat up in 30 seconds. And at the same time maintaining optimal heat levels to eliminate heat stains for less damage.

Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener:

High heat of up to 30 °C provides for quick results. While the Tourmaline Ceramic Technology helps to reduce ripples and give solid shine.

Anti-Static Technology:

It produces an anti-static ceramic design, creates a smooth glide and leads to 50% less static charges and evasive manoeuvres.

For all Types of Hair:

This hair straightener curler can be used for all types of hair to give the curls a beautiful, silky smooth finish.

Product Description

This hair straightener has a pair of flat plates and three pairs of Z-shaped plates in different sizes. The ceramic coating can distribute heat evenly, avoiding damage to the hair caused by high temperatures. It heats up quickly, you don’t have to wait and save valuable time. Negative ion design makes your hair healthy and shiny. Universal voltage, lightweight and portable, make you look beautiful anytime and anywhere.

More Details:

Ceramic straighteners.Hair crimper.Multifunctional hair straightener.Curlers.
Negative ions are more permeable to damaged hair, penetrate the hair core, effectively close the dandruff and form a protective layer on the surface to tightly bond the moisture, improve hair quality, smooth the hair, relieve static charge, reduce tangling of the hair and care for the hair. Smooth and shiny.Invisible pad: Divide the hair into two layers, hold the hair root of the lower layer of hair with a crimping plate, stay for 3-5 seconds and cover the lower layer of hair with the upper layer of hair, which can solve the problems of hair close to the scalp and can make the hair fluffy. Visually double the amount of hair, it also removes the oil on the surface of the hair and makes your hair fresh.Easy to use, can be used for bangs and hair tips to make curls.Multiple uses. Inner Buckle: Comb slowly from top to bottom to end of hair, turn hair inward, hold 3-5 seconds and then release. Air blow: from the hair root, from top to bottom, from inside to outside, slowly combing and then from the position of the hair root half, rotating from outside to inside.After replacing the Z plate, take a strand of hair, hold the upper middle part of the hair, hold it for 3-5 seconds, loosen it and slide the heating plate to the bottom of the hair.Segmentation Operation After you understand the operation, the operation is very simple. Thanks to the widening of the panel, the contact surface is larger, the heat more evenly, the effect more durable and the arc angle of 62.8 degrees protects your hair from tearing.