Chef Knife, Elegant Life DamascusJapanese High Carbon Stainless Steel-Razor Sharp. Stain & Corrosion Resistant, Awesome Edge Retention (black)

About this item


2 pieces kitchen Chef Knife set include stainless steel of 8″ Slicer Knife and 7″ Santoku Knife. The texture and grooves on the knives not only add a sense of artistry and beauty, but also effectively avoid sticking and easy cutting, meet the cutting needs of every family.


Also sharpness is very important for knives to achieving kitchen’s tasks perfectly. Whether the Santoku Chef Knife or Slicer knife is sharp, it’s related to materials and forging. Our knives blade is made of high-carbon ABS stainless steel, precision forged. Full tang knives set creates a stronger & harder blade resisting stains, rust and pitting.


Triple-riveted handles feature an ergonomic grip, while adding a fresh, modern look to your kitchen. This kind of handle provides added strength, balance, and control for precise cutting, with added safety and stability during cooking. The knife’s handle is comfort, sturdiness and durability, even if you holding knife for a long time.


Whether the knife will be blunted, depending on the material’s hardness. Our knife is made from ABS stainless steel whose hardness is above others, so our knife isn’t easy blunt.


In addition We’re dedicated to enhance your cooking experience. Elegant Life committed to serving 100% customer satisfaction.

Product Description

The HOBO knife 2 pieces set is perfect for performing detailed kitchen tasks with ease. 2-piece ultra sharp kitchen knives set suits everything, meet the cutting needs of every family.

Best gift for parents and friends

They can help cooking, good knife can make cooking more fun.

High quality.


More fun.

2 in 1 Kitchen Knife Set

Slicer Knife & Santoku Knife

Item Contain:8 Inch Slicer Knife & 7 Inch Santoku Knife.

Suprior Material:High-Carbon ABS Stainless Steel.

Mental Handle:Handle is made of mental that is fit for your hands, added safety and stability during cooking.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Oxidation Resistance

Suprior Sharp

Comfortable to Use

No Easy to Blunt

Strong and SturdyThe Japan craftsmanship tools are strong and can be used for difficult tasks. Because of its special materials, it will maintain its toughness and functionality for a long time. Being a multi-functional knife, the 8-inch slicer knife and 7-inch santoku knife is suitable for most cutting applications in the kitchen.User-friendly and ErgonomicThe blade and handle is seamless welding. The weight and size of the knife feels quite balanced and a user won’t feel bogged down because of its weight. It also has good ergonomics that minimize the possibility of experiencing aches and cramps on the finger especially after long use.Due to its design, it is also very elegant.Carefully built and comfortableThe combination of Japan technology and quality materials has long been a high quality and reliable knife for a variety of applications. The handle further enhances this, very comfortable and not easy to slide.

How to maintain your Knife?

1.After using the knife, clean it and put it in a dry, well-ventilated place.

2.To extend the life of the knife, please use it on the chopping board.

3.Keep away from corrosive substances such as acid and alkali, keep away from open flames.

4.After using for a while, use the correct method to sharpen the knife.