TURATA Wireless Remote Kitchen Cooking Meat Thermometer, Duals Probes for Smoker Grill Oven Preset Temperature Distant Control Instant Read Thermometer, Monitors Food from 260 Feet Away (Red)


Never worry about overcooking or under-cooking once you have TURATA Remote Kitchen Cooking! You can easily monitor the temperature with the wireless remote control, you do not have to constantly walk to the grill or oven, you can do whatever you like when cooking. Sensing range is 260 FEET


This meat thermometer deviation low to +/-1° which ensure accurate temperatures. An easy to read LCD digital display. It can be set to show Centigrade or Fahrenheit with a temperature range of 32°F to 482°F (-20°C to 250°C)


Compared to other cooking thermometers, our BBQ thermometers has 2 stainless steel probes, which could bring you optimum enjoyment so you can monitor 2 different food at one time. Probes length: 18.5cm, cable length: 100cm


Enjoy your meat, 8 types of meat: beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, chicken, turkey, fish. 5 Degrees: Well Done, Medium Well, Medium, Medium Rare and Rare. You can choose the type and grade according to your needs


Wireless receiver beeps and flashes when meat temperature goes above your programmed, meanwhile, you could put the magnetic receiver on the surface of things which contains iron, more convenient. Enjoy your BBQ with our unique orange design cooking thermometer.

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Product Description

High accuracyWith more sensitive sensors, you can get more temperature in 7s-9s. Measure the temperature from -20 ℃ to 250 ℃ (-4 ℉ to 484 ℉) with an accuracy of ± 1.0 ℃.Dual probesMonitor two types of food at the same time with dual probes. 304 stainless steel materials make it durable for temperature monitoring.Backlight and conversion ℃ / ℉Press the “LIGHT” button to verify a clearer reading. Convert the temperature from ℃ / ℉ using the Back button.Wireless remote controlRange up to 80 meters. With this wireless grill thermometer, you don’t have to constantly walk to the grill or oven, but you can carry the receiver around quite comfortably and do other chores around the home and garden.



✔4 * AAA battery (not included in the package) is needed when there is no temperature display or the indicator light blinks, please replace the battery in time.

✔Use a heat resistant glove to touch the stainless steel probe or heat resistant wire during use

✔The probe is not dishwasher safe, wash the stainless steel probe thoroughly by hand after use.

Package included:

1 * meat thermometer receiver

1 * meat thermometer transmitter

2 * stainless steel probe

2 * probe clip

1 * User Manual

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Karrong Solar Outdoor Wall Lights 30 Led Super Bright Security Light Motion Sensor for Garden (1 Pack)

Efficient & Environmentally Friendly.

Our Solar lights have a solar panel that convert light energy into electrical energy without the need for additional charging or replacement of batteries. Its photoelectric conversion efficiency is around 12-18%, full power state working time is about 8 hours.

Note: If the sun is not strong, the battery may not be fully charged, so lighting time will be affected.

Light & Human Sensing.

Solar lights have light sensors and human infrared sensing, can perceive light and human motion. When the night time sensing and the human sensor work at the same time, when someone walks in within a distance of 3-5 meters, the lamp automatically lights up and keep for 20 seconds.During the day, solar wall lights convert the charging state, even if someone is close will not light up, saving electricity.

Applicable Occasions.

Ideal for front doors, backyards, gardens, paths, corridors, also garage gates and any place where the sun can shine. But the distance between each installation should be 6 meters away.

Lighting Mode.

Solar wall lights with human induction, can sense the movement of the human body. At night, when someone approaches, it automatically lights up, providing an excellent lighting environment.When a person leaves, the light lights up again and maintains for 20 seconds.

High quality & Durability.

The use of high-quality heat-resistant materials.

waterproof coefficient of IP65, not afraid of outdoor dust and small raindrops. Remember: You can’t install solar lights in water or where it’s easy to get water when raining, and you can’t soak in water for long periods of time.

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Product description

Product feature
1.Recharged by sunlight and store power for ovemight lighting.
2.Over 8 hours light time after full charge.
3.Weatherproof ip65 ,heatproof and durable.
4.Intelligent energy-saving.

Operation instruction

1.How to install the device?
Please use the supplied expansion pillar-hinge and screws to mount the device on pole or wall anywhere outside you want for lighting.

2.Charging via solar panel
Please install the unit face south and make sure the solar panel can get the good sunlight directly without any shelter or glass.normally it can be fully charged in one day under ideal bright sunlight.

3.Motion sensor function
It will auto tum on bright light when people walk around 2-3 meters close, after 20 seconds, will auto tum off.

1.Please fully charge the device before first use.
2.Do not install in places prone to water accumulation.
3.If there is no good sunlight or in winter sunlight, especial in north countries, it may take long time too fully charge the device and this is very normal for solar products.

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SENYERGIANT Resistance Bands Set Stackable up to 100 lbs with Non-Slip Foam Handles, Ankle Straps, Door Anchor, Carry Bag and Workout Guide, Home Training Yoga Pilates Outdoor Indoor Portable Bands

Multiple Resistance Levels:

Our resistance band set includes 5 resistance band levels including: 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, and 30lbs in 5 different colors. You can use the bands independently or in combination with a maximum resistance level of 100lbs.

Multifunctional and Portable:

Our resistance bands are designed for full-body workouts. You can use our bands to train your arms, shoulders, chest, glutes, and more. Our carrying bag allows for easy storage and carrying, meaning you can carry our bands.

Safe and Durable:

Safe, durable, unbreakable, and long-lasting. Made with 100% natural latex and premium ABS & EVA material.

Train Anytime & Anywhere:

You can use the resistance bands with ankle straps and door attachment to exercise while you everywhere. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, you can find the suitable intensity of your workout.

Your All-in-one Fitness Set:

This resistance band set includes 5 latex resistance tube bands in 5 colors, 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, 1 door anchor, and 1 carrying bag. Everything you need to get started is right here.

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Product Description

Resistance Bands

As a beginner or an expert exercise enthusiast looking for a more effective workout, this versatile set will empower your training for faster and more effective results !!!

Resistance BandsResistance BandsResistance Bands
Elastic & Safe Natural LatexThe resistance band is made of natural rubber, The stainless steel buckles are strong & durable, ensuring you a safe training. Strong, skin-friendly, safe, durable, and suitable for all your challenges.Combinable IntensityCombine two or more bands for a custom weight tension resistance up to 100 lbs. Allows you to customize your upper body and lower body workouts to meet your training goals.Reshape Full-BodyDesigned for your convenience, these bands can provide you with a complete full-body workout, exercising your arms, back, chest, abs, legs, etc. All your body muscle groups can be trained with these bands, once you get started, you start to get healthier.


This kit includes:

Yellow band = 10 lbs.

Green band = 15 lbs.

Red band = 20 lbs.

Blue band = 25 lbs.

Black band = 30 lbs.

2 handles, 2 ankle straps

1 door anchor, 1 carry bag

Using your Resistance Bands

1.Your resistance bands come in 5 different resistance levels, noted by a different band color.

2. You can use any or all of the bands at one time during your workouts.

3.Attach one end of the band(s) to the foam handles or ankle straps and same on the other end.

4.The door anchor will attach anywhere on a standard door, including the bottom of the door, to use the door anchor, ensure the bigger end attached to the opposite side of door and feed the thin end through. Once the thin end is through you can feed the exercise band through it. Ensure the door is fully closed before performing any exercise.

Resistance Bands

Training anytime, anywhere

The package comes with a carrying bag. It doesn’t take up much space and is easy to carry. Whether you are at home or outdoor, keep fit and shape a better body without the limit of gym or exercise equipment!

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Bike Phone Holder,360° Rotate Bike Handlebar Phone Holder,Universal Bike Phone Mount for 4-6.5in phone, Great for Bicycle|Motorbike|Mountain Bike|Road Bike, fits iPhone|Samsung|Huawei|Google etc.


TAIYUNWEI’s bike phone holder adapting with premium hard plastic material and stable secure screws which will keep your phone anti-shake during cycling. Designed with 2 “arms”+2 “legs” to protect your phone well, additional silicone pad at the back, it is extremely strong and durable to grip your phone. Secure your phone on the wildest of adventures.

【Compatible Items】

TAIYUNWEI unique designed Bike phone mount fits all smart phones with screen sizes from 4-6.5″, compatible with iPhone series for example (SE/11 Pro Max/XR/ X/XS Max/8P/8/7P/7/6P/6/5/4), Huawei series (Mate30/P30/Mate20/P20), Samsung(Galaxy S10 Plus/S10/S9/S8/S7 Edge/S7/S6), compatible with Google Pixel and etc.

【Easy to Install without Tools】

TAIYUNWEI-Bike phone holder can be easily installed without any tools. According to your need, just need to slip the bracket into the base of the phone holder, ( note: to protect your phone from breaking, please be sure to push the clamp till the hook grasping clamp, you can look at the picture of installation details carefully.) and then screw the bracket grip to hold it firmly on handlebar or remove it easily by hand.

【Full Protection & Unobstructed Screen】

With New upgrade Anti-slip pad, this phone holder keeps your phone securely in place over bumps,no more concerns of it falling out while cycling. And It supports face ID and Touch ID compared to other bicycle phone holders in market, which will be more convenient for you during cycling.

【Adjustable and 360° Rotation Design】

The bike phone mount can be rotated with 360°and adjusted to point all directions and give your 360°viewing angles, free installation makes it easy to attach to any possible bicycle handlebar.

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Product description

ALL Reasons for Choosing TAIYUNWEI brand Bike Phone Holder
♐Adapting with premium hard plastic material and stable secure screws which will keep your phone anti-shake during cycling.
♐Compatible with all 4.0″ to 6.5″ sizes screen smart phone: This Bike Phone Mount Holder sizes from 4.0″ to 6.5″, compatible with iPhone series for example (SE/11 Pro Max/XR/ X/XS Max/8P/8/7P/7/6P/6/5/4), Huawei series (Mate30/P30/Mate20/P20), Samsung(Galaxy S10 Plus/S10/S9/S8/S7 Edge/S7/S6),compatible with Google Pixel and etc.
♐Anti-skid and Anti-shock: This Bike Phone Mount Anti-skid and Anti-shock, it can withstand strong vibrations without shaking. The screws can tie on the bar strongly that perfectly protect your phone avoid to fall down.

♐Use in Any Scenario: Bicycle Phone Holder Adjustable mounting strap. Suitable for different models exercise bike, bicycles, motorcycles, shopping carts, strollers, treadmills and scooters etc. Attach and remove from any bar in seconds.
♐Convenient Operation: Totally hand free. taking a video, opening navigation app, or other. This phone holder add unlimited pleasure to your cycling, shopping, or running on treadmill.
♐Widely Used: It is a bike phone mount, but much more than a bike mount. It can be everywhere in your life, you can use it on:
♐Bicycle to keep track of mileage, time, maps, etc.
♐Motorcycle for hands-free navigating and music controlling.
♐stroller to give your baby soft music or story.
♐treadmill to enjoy music when running.
♐shopping cart handlebar to finish your shopping list conveniently.
♐Use it as a phone stand on table to watch movie.
♐Any round bar you want to fix your phone on.

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Fuyit LCD Soldering Iron Kit 15pcs Welding Tool Set with Thermostatic Digital-Controlled Pen 60W 220V Adjustable Temperature 180°C- 480°C with Lead Free Solder Wire 100g

LCD Screen:

Newest soldering iron pen is more intuitive display of temperature. Setting the temperature according to different melting points.

Adjustable Temperature:

180°C- 480°C adjustable temperature. Also You can adjust 5°C per time to get a precise temperature you wanted.

Efficient & Comfortable:

High quality ceramic heating core complete heating in 36s. At the same time ergonomically designed and with 6 ventilation holes, will not feel tired or burn for long using.

Complete Accessories:

LCD soldering iron pen, in addition extra 5 soldering iron tips, lead free solder wire 100g, desoldering pum, desoldering wire 1.5m, soldering stand with cleaning sponge, curved tweezer, wire stripper cutter, electronic wire, also carrying case.

Widely Application:

Suitable for welding enthusiasts or starter level. You can repair electronic product.Such as computer, phone, TV, or other small appliances. Fuyit soldering iron kit is also a nice gift choice to DIY enthusiasts.

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Product Description

Fuyit LCD Soldering Iron Kit 15PCS

Why Choose Fuyit Welding Kit?

  1. Upgraded LCD Digital-Controlled pen provide precision temperature adjustment.
  2. Premium and complete accessories include lead-free solder wire, desoldering wire and so on.
  3. Increased air vents and thickened heat-proof rubber sleeves provide more protection.
  4. Also tools Carrying Case included. Easy to carry and work in any place.
  5. Replaceable heating core can extend product life.

Fuyit Newest Soldering iron Kit with Digital-Controlled LCD Screen has precision temperature adjustment. Suitable for starter, professional and any level solder enthusiasts.


  1. Long press the red “*” button for 3~5 seconds to turn on/off the pen also.
  2. Adjust temperature by pressing “+” or “-” button. The temperature increase or decrease 5°C/41°F per press. After setting, temperature will be saved.
  3. Temperature on the LCD screen will stop flicker after reaching the setting temperature. At that time, the pen will be in temperature constant state. And the “°F” (°C) marker will keep flickering .
  4. After required temperature showing up in LCD screen, please wait for a little while for heating up pen’s tip. Then go on with your welding projects.
  5. Press temperature adjustment button “+” and “-” at same time after activated the pen, the degree showing on LCD screen can be switched from celsius to fahrenheit or fahrenheit to celsius.

We add more protection designs. Except 4 ventilation holes on protective stainless steel pipe, there are also add 6 ventilation holes on threaded head. Rubber sleeve has anti-slip & heat-proof design. The heating core and the pen body are also hollow. Will not burn for long time work.

Warning & Attention

-Do Not touch metal parts of the pen’s tip, or you’ll get burnt.

-Do Not use near flammable materials to avoid fire.

-Turn Off the power and cool the pen down before replacing its tip.

-Keep soldering iron pen dry. Do Not use electric soldering iron with wet hand.

-Turn off the power while resting or finishing work. Keep it beyond the reach of children.

Keep it away from children during operation it to prevent accidents.

It is a normal phenomenon that smoke comes out when you are using this product, especially for the first use, please do not worry.

All Includes:LCD soldering iron pen, 5 solder tips, lead free solder wire, desoldering pump, desoldering wire, soldering stand, curved tweezer, wire stripper cutter, electronic wire, carrying case.

replacement tipslead-free soldering wiredesoldering wire
Extra 5 Sizes Soldering Iron TipsLead-free Soldering Wire 100g2 Electronic Wires and Desoldering Wire 1.5m
desoldering pumpwire stripper cutterCase
Desoldering PumpWire Stripper CutterCarrying Case

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