RIGOGLIOSO True HEPA Filter Air Purifier for Smokers at Home Pollen and Pet Hair, Desktop Air Purifier with Night Light, No Ozone, GL-2109

Unique powerful filter design: 

HEPA Filter Air Purifier 360° improved cleaning performance, imported HEPA filter and highly efficient activated carbon filter, 99.97% dust, pollen, smoke, skin dandruff odour and large dust particles etc., perfect for pet owners, babies, also children and the elderly to effectively improve air quality and indoor air quality.

High effective cleaning performance:

in addition the Rigoglioso air purifier has multiple cleaning technologies and has a cleaning efficiency of over 99.97% for PM2.5 with a composite cold catayst technology incorporated into the HEPA fibre that absorbs bad odours.

Advanced settings with 3 speeds and 100% ozone-free: 

Rigoglioso air purifiers are 100% ozone-free, and a study has shown that they can reduce ozone. You can also choose what speed you need, sleeping equipment, normal equipment and fast speed equipment, which is very practical.


The improved QuietKEAP technology reduces noise, so you can sleep in a restful and soothing room climate. You can also choose whether you need the night light function or not while you work different needs and completely to create your ideal sleeping environment. The night light can also be switched off.


in addition 30 days unconditional money back guarantee. The Rigoglioso air purifier has passed CE RoHS certification, 2 years service and service life support. So The filter should be replaced every 3 years. 6 months.So Please search for ‘RIGOGLIOSO Filter GL-2109’ to buy the replacement filter. Note: The adapter is located on the bottom of the product. Please open it to take it out.

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In-Ear Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 [2020 Upgrade] Headphones Wireless Sports with Microphone Wireless Earphones 35 Hours Playtime IPX7 Waterproof Stereo Calling Auto Pairing Touch Sensors TWS

Bluetooth 5.0 and immersive immersion:

In-Ear Headphones this wireless headset uses advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology with fast and stable transmission speed, a long distance of up to 10 metres. Powerful bass and reduced background noise give you an impressive sound experience.

Auto pairing and mono mode: 

when the headset is removed from the charging box, it is automatically paired. Both left and right headphones can be used separately. If you use one of them, please load one in your pocket. You can also share with friends.

35 hours. Playback time + IPX7 waterproof:

after full charging, the headset will play for 5 hours. If you use the mini charging box, you can use it for another 30 hours. the sports headset is inserted into the charging box, it charges itself. The earphones are nano coated and have high water resistance so they prevent water from entering during exercise.

Smart touch control: 

 by touching the multifunction button, you can search for play/pause, previous/next track, Siri and answer/hang up calls with simple functions. With the built-in high-resolution microphone, you can easily answer calls.

Ergonomic design:

the weight of the headset is less than 6 g and has been ergonomically redesigned, which fits very well with your ears. There are no annoying settings of the ears and there is no pain after prolonged use.

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GOAMZ LED Ring Light with Tripod. 10 Inch / 25.4 cm Ring Light with Tripod Ring Light for Mobile Phone with Remote Control. 3 Colours & 10 Brightness Levels for Makeup, Live Streaming, Tiktok, Photography

10 inch dimmable ring light

– GOAMZ LED Ring Light offers three colour lighting modes: warm light, cold white and daylight. Each mode has 10 brightness levels. The GOAMZ ring light with a height of 10 inches and 120 LED lights intended for make-up, YouTube videos, live broadcasts, selfie photos, online lessons, video chat, etc. Dimming range: 1% -100%.

Removable tripod:

the tripod made of aluminium alloy and has a weighted base to make it stable enough without tipping over. The rod has a new rotatable and recessed design that can extended from 14.57 inches to 59 inches, folded into a table ring light or unfolded on the floor. The base has a removable design that can be used with a tripod, a mount etc. and can also be removed for use as a selfie stick.

3 universal mobile phone holder:

with 3 360° rotating mobile phone holders, the maximum adjustable width is 6.5 inches and is compatible with most smartphones. In addition to the mobile phone holder in the middle of the ring light, you can also attach the phone clip to the pole of the tripod to use two phones at the same time. What you get: 1 x 10 inch ring light, 1 x aluminium alloy light stand, 3 x smartphone holder, 1 x Bluetooth selfie remote control, 3 x gooseneck hose with ball head.

Continuous lighting angle:

triple rotating head, tilt and rotate, vertical or horizontal, the ring light with tripod mobile phone can easily target your motif at any angle, which is very suitable for video calls, lying shots, etc. The pan / tilt at the top of the tripod takes standard UNC 1/4 universal screws that can be used in combination with a variety of devices with strong practicability and wide functions.

USB power supply

– no battery required. With a 2m USB cable, the selfie ring light can be used with most devices that support USB ports. Use the four buttons on the power cord to easily turn the power on and off, change the lighting mode and adjust the brightness level. With the help of a Bluetooth remote control, you can take selfies within 10 meters easier. Compatible with most smartphones.

Product description

GOAMZ 10 inch LED ring light with tripod and holder set, with 3 colour modes and 21 brightness levels of dimming function, very suitable for online courses, video recording, make-up lighting etc.

Sensitive Bluetooth remote control.

Our LED ring light comes with a small remote control. Long press the trigger until the blue light flashes quickly. Then go to the phone’s Bluetooth settings and pair the phone with the “Long Rod Bluetooth” to activate the shutter release without downloading it, you can use it with iOS or Android phones. Take some unforgettable photos and videos with a maximum operating distance of 10 m.

360° rotating ring light.

With the help of a ball joint, GOAMZ adjustable tripod ring light can provide a 360° rotation angle, so you can find the best lighting angle and thus improve the effect of photography or live transmission. The gimbal uses 1/4″ universal screws that are suitable for most digital SLR cameras, smartphone mounts and other ring lights.

Best natural light.

The number of LED bulbs has been increased to 120. This is enough for close-ups regardless of whether you are recording videos or applying make-up. The shell is made of high quality heat-insulating ABS material, so you don’t have to worry about it getting hot.

Package contents:

1 x 10 inch ring light with USB.
1 x tripod.
3 x universal mobile phone holders.
1 x universal 1/4 screw gimbal
1 x Bluetooth remote control.

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Digital Kitchen Scales 15 kg / 33 lb. Digital Kitchen Scales. Electronic Scales. Kitchen Household Scales High Precision. Food Scales LCD Display with Large Safety Glass Weighing Surface and Tara

Electronic scales for precise measuring:

Digital Kitchen Scales with high precision, this electronic kitchen scales digitally have an accuracy of 1 g and the of up to 15 kg can cover most everyday needs. Also With the digital kitchen scales, every recipe, even for large groups is successful. The kitchen scales also equipped with high precision sensors provides quick and precise measurement results and is perfect for measuring various ingredients, rice, flour, liquid, milk, jewellery, letters, stamps etc.

8 weighing units and liquid measurement:

In addition the digital scales with 8 units of measurement can offer more possibilities for different types of things. So You can easily convert a unit of measurement into g/kg/ml/L/lb-oz/fl-oz/milk-ml/milk-fl-oz quickly. The liquid measuring function is also suitable for all water based liquids, including wine, milk, broth, cream, etc. The unique unit for weighing milk – ml / fl.oz (milk) makes it easier for you to prepare your breakfast.

Practical tare function:

the tare button pulls off the packaging weight, so you only weigh the desired one. So If you want to mix some things, you just need to put the container on the digital scale and press the tare button can digitally reset the current weight on the portable scale to zero. With Tare function, you can also weigh smaller ingredients and liquids inside without weighing the cup itself. Perfect for baking, cooking, and making coffee.

Humanised waterproof kitchen scales:

In addition small digital scales use high-quality food grade safety glass, with waterproof and anti-fingerprint technology for easy cleaning and maintenance. The weight is also displayed on an extra-large, luminous LED display for optimal readability of the digits. Portable kitchen scales are small and lightweight, store the cute electronic scale digitally in your kitchen cabinet or drawer without taking up too much space.

Energy-saving kitchen scales:

3 x AAA batteries extends standby time (included in the package). Automatic shut-off function helps to save energy, or press and hold for 3 seconds to shut down. If you have any problems with your digital food scales, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Your satisfaction is our number one priority is our service principle.

Product description

Digital Kitchen Scales – 15 kg Digital Kitchen Scales Electronic Scales Digital Scales Kitchen for Kitchens, Baking, Cooking, and also Offices etc.
Multifunction precision digital kitchen scale.
The must-have for your kitchen.

Product features:

8 weight units – the digital kitchen scales have 8 units, including, g, kg, ml, L, lb-oz, fl-oz, milk-ml, milk-fl-oz.
In addition to High load capacity – the modern digital household scale has a maximum load capacity of up to 15 kg. The weight is displayed in 1g increments for accurate weighing.
Extra large contact surface – the electronic scales have 20 x 20 cm extra large weighing surface for large bowls and pots.
Tare function – allows you to easily weigh ingredients by removing the container weight.
Separate mode for weighing milk quantity and water volume – with the new milk modes, the milk or similar liquids can be measured more accurately.
Design at its finest – kitchen scales are equipped with 4 non-slip padding and rounded corners, perfect for any kitchen.


Material: safety glass + ABS (acrylonit
Weighing surface: 20 x 20 x 2.2 cm.
Maximum weight: 33 lb / 15 kg.
Minimum weight: 0.01 oz / 1 g.


1 x digital kitchen scale.
3 x AAA batteries (included).
1 x user manual (English language not guaranteed).


– If the weight of the measuring object exceeds 1000 g or 1000 ml, the weighing unit of the digital scale is automatically converted to KG or L.

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Ekupuz Massage Gun with 6 Massage Heads and 30 Adjustable Speeds. Muscle Massager Electronic Deep Tissue. Muscle Massage Gun for Neck, Back, Shoulder

About this item

【30 Adjustable Speed】

The high torque motor drives of Ekupuz Massage Gun 1200 to 3200 times per minute and reaches your tissue up to 12 mm deep. To loosen the fascia (connective tissue). It also helps greatly in muscle relaxation, especially to get rid of stiff and acid pain in the muscles. You can choose a preferred speed for your daily massage or relaxation after training.

【6 interchangeable massage heads】

EKUPUZ massage gun is equipped with 6 different shaped massage heads. So the different attachments are suitable for different muscle groups, and provide targeted treatment for quick recovery. Easy and quick to disassemble massage heads in seconds.

【Long battery life and LCD touch screen】

It Also equipped with a high-quality lithium battery with 2400 mAh, the massage gun can be approx. 4-6 hours after charging. LCD touch display control. So you can easily use the massager and intuitively read the remaining amount of power and speed level.

【Advanced noise reduction technology 】

In addition the EKUPUZ muscle massager features advanced technology and the unbrushed electric motor with high torque that provides high performance with low noise. It won’t disturb others when used in the office or gym.

【Portable Design】

Ergonomically also designed handle minimizes external vibrations and durable non-slip silicone handle makes it easy to hold the massager. And comes with a handy carry case to keep all parts in perfect condition and make it more portable when travelling.

Product Description

Get a better relaxation after training.

EKUPUZ massage gun with long battery life and neat power. The massage increases blood circulation, thus relieving pain and gently stretching stiff muscles and releasing muscle tension. It comes with six interchangeable attachments, the different attachments allow different muscle groups to be optimally treated.

Massage Gun 2Massage Gun 3Massage Gun 3
12 mm amplitude.Unlike the 10 mm amplitude massage gun available on the market, our massage gun has an amplitude of 12 mm, so that the drum can penetrate deep into the deep tissue.Suitable for all muscle groups.With 6 massage heads for all muscle groups, the different attachments are good to treat the different muscle groups, and different muscle groups require different massage times.Long battery life.The massage gun is equipped with a lithium-ion battery – 2400 mAh. When fully charged, it can be massaged for up to 4-6 hours, providing enough electrical energy for a week of training.

More Details:

Massage Gun 1Massage Gun 2Massage Gun 3
New generation engine.Our massage gun is equipped with new generation brushless motors that produce very little noise while providing a strong massage power.The operating noise is less than 45 dB. Enjoy your massage moment easily and comfortably.Excellent heat dissipation.The massage gun has an extended heat dissipation area that extends the life of the product. An efficient heat dissipation design reduces the heat generated during machine use, effectively reducing damage to the machine and reduce the likelihood of product failure.Package contents:1 x massage gun.6 x massage heads.1 x charger.1 x portable bag.1 x multilingual manual (English language not guaranteed).

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