Blackhead Removal Mask,Blackhead Mask, Black Mask,Deep Cleaning Face Nose Activated Exfoliator Mask For Women & Men, Pore Minimizing Face Mask Purifying Acne For Flawless Skin 120g

About this Mask:

✔Skin Purifying:

Oil Control, Anti Aging,Acne Treatment,Clean Pores,Acne,Helps Reduce Pores and Wrinkles,Remove blackheads and acne, Blackhead Removal Mask improve the spots on the skin,no damage to the facial skin.

✔Cleaning Mask:

The blackhead remover mask can be used to remove blackheads or fine hairs from your forehead,nose,chin or cheeks.

✔Activated Charcoal Blackhead Peel Off Mask:

Deep Pore Cleansing Mask That Purifies Skin by Removing Dull Surface Cells, Blackheads and Impurities.

✔For Best Results:

Black peel off mask could cleanse your skin,please use hot towel OR steam the face to open pores before using the mask.Please peel off mask when it complete dry.If it didn’t dry,it won’t remove blackhead.


Product is not suitable for sensitive skin and recommended that customers use the item on the hands or ears then to use on the face.

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Product Description

Blackhead Removal Mask

Applicable people:Nose large pores blackheads, Facial skin aging, Fine lines and blemishes , Oily skin strawberry nose.


1.Absorbent pores of blackheads and stubborn dirt, shrink pores, regulate oil secretion.

Blackhead Mask
Black Mask

How to use:

1 : Cleansing your face and pat dry., and then with towel hot compress 5-10 minutes, wait for the pores opening.

2 : Apply evenly on nose, face, frontal and chin etc.

3 : Wait for 20-30 minutes, from top to down, and gently torn off.

4: finally, please use the warm water to wipe clean. and then put some moisturizing Essence to your face.

Safe Tips:

1. After the mask to your face is dry, please peel it off at once but not very quickly.

2. Apply a amount of the product at the back of the hand or ear, if no allergic reactions (itching, redness) within 5 minutes before using.If there is any discomfort, stop using.

3.For external use only. Avoid directly contact with eyes, brow and lips., if this occurs rinse well with lukewarm water at once.