Blackhead Extractor. Electric Blackhead Removal Blackhead. Extractor Pore Purifier Facial Beauty Device with Blue Light for Blackheads, Pimples, Acne etc

Blackhead Aspirator:

Blackhead Extractor Blue light pore cleaner comes to bring the desired effect of blackhead removal. Feel cleaner pores after 1 use and see noticeable skin improvements after 60 days.

4 probes:

The Big Round Probe cleans dirt on cheeks and forehead; The Small Round Probe removes blackheads around the nose; The Oval Probe lifts the entire face; The Deep Cleansing Probe exfoliates dead skin cells.

3 Cleaning Modes:

Gentle Mode is acceptable for all skin types, including sensitive ones; Normal Mode is best for dry and normal skin; 

Strong Mode is recommended for oily and combination skin.

Blue Light and Acne:

Blue light can inhibit sebum secretion, reduce inflammation and eliminate bacterial acne. It is also able to soothe and calm the skin and help the pores to contract after cleansing the face.

Black Dot Extractor:

The LED screen shows the battery mode and life, makes the operation completely simple and avoids any malfunction. The built-in battery lasts approximately 3 weeks between charges.

Product description

About Xpreen

Xpreen is a leading company in the production of all beauty products. We have more than 8 years of experience in professional design and development of blackhead removal devices, We provide the highest quality, offer fast sale, and enjoy a good reputation in Europe, Japan, America and Africa, covering more than 30 countries and areas. We are always ready to cooperate and gladly welcome new customers and business partners.

Xpreen sucks black points with blue light

Why do i need a blackhead aspirator?

Everyone wants to have clean skin. Xpreen stipple vacuum cleaner provides stronger and more stable suction to effectively remove blackheads / dead cells / dirt / excess sebum, unclog pores, can help improve acne and sebum problems, keep skin delicate , younger and full of vitality

3 levels — Delicate, Normal, Strong

High capacity battery — 800mAh lithium battery

4 Probes — Materials suitable for skin use

Blue light — Advanced Disinfectant Function

Super quiet —- Less than 60db

Advanced LED Screen — Clear usage display

LED screen and power levelsThe most advanced LED screen with 3 power levels: Delicate … for sensitive skin. Normal … for dry skin. Strong … for oily skin.Super attractive with 4 special suction headsSuper attractive with 4 special suction heads: Big head probe — for big blackheads, sebum, acne and pores. Small flat head — for use around the nose Small round head — for removing fixed blackheads, does not pull to avoid skin. Deep Cleansing Head — for excess keratin for smooth skin.Advanced blue light disinfection functionThe wavelength of blue light of 462nm-465nm can effectively eliminate inflammation, shrink large pores, remove acne and reduce facial sebum.Thoughtful designA non-slip silicone pad is placed in the bottom and the charging port is equipped with a dust-proof silicone cover.

More Info:

1.For the first use, it is recommended to test the suction with the forearm before trying it on the face.2.Do not let the probe stay in one area for too long, do not press it firmly and do not pull it vertically. Misuse can cause facial redness, which will fade in a few days.3.Please keep the instrument body away from water or other liquids and do not use chemical cleaners to avoid corrosion.Perfect for deep cleansing of pores, removing blackheads, dead skin cells, dirt, facial sebum and tightening pores. Reduce the irritation of chemicals on the skin. Easy to use, it only takes a few minutes. Usually 2 to 4 weeks (use it 2 times a week) to see significant results.Noise index: < 60db So that you can use it, without disturbing other people, The more you use it, the more beautiful it becomes.