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360 rotation stunt & infrared sensor control

– Baztoy Remote Control Car comes with an infrared remote control, with which you can not only control the driving speed, but also change the forward / backward and left / right directions. The most amazing feature of this car is that the car can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

Dual-Mode Innovative Auto

– Remote controlled car has adjustable settings: floor, wall and off. It can quickly hit the ground like a normal remote-controlled car. In addition, a vacuum principle can be switched on. The car climbs and runs along the wall or glass. This RC car cannot drive on the carpeted floors as well as on the non-smooth surfaces.

Bright head and rear lights

– Remote controlled car has bright front and rear lights. The lights are intelligent: when you drive forward, the two headlights become bright. When you drive back, the two taillights become bright. When you turn to the left, the left front and rear lights are switched on. When turning right, the lights turn on on the right.

Various charging methods

– The remote-controlled car itself has a built-in battery and is rechargeable. Durable and safe for children to play with. You can charge the car with the remote control via a charging cable. You can also recharge the car via the plug, a power bank or, for example, a laptop with the USB cable.

Excellent Features

– Absorption: Makes the car drive up steadily on vertical walls or glasses; Strong body: made of high-quality ABS plastic, the car is light and problem-free despite heavy rear-end collisions. Stylish wheels: Turbo-type housing design makes the car dynamic.

Product description

Remote control is also designed in one design and offers the wall function. The car has white protective strips and a suction function that can create a vacuum on the underside of the car. The strong absorption force makes the car quickly controllable on walls or glasses.

More Details:

This new type of car will definitely bring endless fun for your children and you will enrich your free time. Remote control car has two racing modes:

floor and wall. So you can’t just run it on the floor Now you can run it on the wall, roof or glass. Rotation in two 360 degree directions. Remote control car is also a two function stunt car. The car can rotate two different angles, and you can rotate it either on the ground or on the wall. 360 ° rotation clockwise by pressing the right & left button on the right side Rotated 360 degrees counterclockwise by pressing the right & left button on the left side Cool intelligent front and rear lights Remote control car is equipped with front and rear lights, which are switched on differently according to the racing mode. Cool and funny! The two head lamps turn on blue light. The two rear lamps turn on red light. 

Reversing When driving to the left, the left front and rear lights switch; When turning right, the lights turn on on the right. Luminous USB cable, intelligent display The brightness of the light changes according to the state of charge. Light slowly gets darker when the state of charge increases. Lights turn off when the car is full of power. So you can charge the car through various tools like the plug, the computer, the power bank and so on. Material: Plastic Bright light is displayed when the car is empty.