Baztoy Remote Controlled Car. Children’s Toy RC Stunt Racing Car. With Remote Control. High-Speed Radio Controlled Offroad. Buggy Crawler Indoor Outdoor Game Gifts Boys Girls

[High Speed and Flexible Racing Car]

Our Baztoy RC Car features 2.4 GHz high frequency technology, a range of 40 metres, a scale of 1/22 and a top speed of 15 km/h. It can be easily turned forward, backward, left or right. The flexible control experience makes your children enjoy the realistic racing experience.

[Almost All Terrain High Performance]

The off-road buggy with strong shock absorbers and hollow non-slip rubber tyres ensures that the car runs smoothly even in bad road conditions, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor areas such as the smooth floor. Cement floor, mountain road, sandy road, grassland, rocky road, garden and slope, etc. Children can play freely, no matter what place!

[Longer driving time and rechargeable function]

The Baztoy RC Car can be easily and conveniently charged via the included USB cable. The rechargeable battery is more portable and has a larger capacity than 30 minutes to play, which is 10 to 15 minutes longer than other batteries. Tips: the charging time is 2 hours, do not overcharge.

[Robust body and scratch resistance:]

Body frame made of high-strength anti-collision material. The body is made of high-strength and explosion-proof PVC material. The front and back of the body have a strong crash bumper to effectively protect the bodywork body and frame. Whether it accelerates on a wide field, crashes or rolls over in a tight terrain, the body is not damaged.

[A must have for car lovers]

This racing car must bring your children a lot of fun and surprise when you give it to car lovers as a birthday or Christmas gift. In addition, it could improve children’s usability and creativity. Parents could play together with children to create a happy parent-child memory!

Customer Review

Hello, Wanted to review this product now. All in all a really good product, which in my opinion the 5 stars definitely deserved. This starts with a really good package with a beautiful packaging. As well as a multilingual instruction manual. The correct cable. The car and the remote control. However, a small complaint has the packaging, with a small hole. However, this is not decisive for me in this price range. After driving for the first time, I positively surprised, because it was really good and fast driving. Even the control is not a problem, because I already had other products, where it was much harder for me. Driving was possible both inside and outside. Another note: batteries unfortunately not included, but in such a price range they are also normal. I think everyone has batteries at home, that shouldn’t be a problem. All in all highly recommend. Of course, there are faster and better class remote-controlled cars, but the price-performance ratio is really right here.