AHUIFT Soap Dispenser Automatic with Sensor. 400ML Infrared Non-Contact. Liquid Soap Dispenser. Waterproof Suitable Bathroom, Kitchens, Hotel, Restaurant – Silver

Automatic and non-contact:

AHUIFT Soap Dispenser Automatic comes With the latest automatic sensor technology, after switching on, simply place your hand under the sensor of this automatic soap dispenser (within 5 cm). Once you turn it on, it won’t turn off automatically unless you turn it off. Works perfectly without touching the device, which is very hygienic, prevents the spread of bacteria and maintains health.

Convenient Visible Window:

The front of the sensor soap dispenser has a visible window that shows the fluid level. It is convenient for you to see the detergent level with the volume of liquid visible, which is great for replenishing in time. Please note that you should add liquid soap in time when the liquid level is low, otherwise the soap dispenser will not splash soap.

Shiny chrome and waterproof design:

The AHUIFT automatic soap dispenser is coated with shiny chrome which is always new and prevents water from sticking to it because the soap dispenser is IPX6 strong waterproof! In addition, it has a double opening cover to prevent the soap from spraying. The battery box with the cover and the switch with the soft waterproof cover are located on the underside of the soap dispenser.

Simple and Widely Used:

With a capacity of 400ml, which is enough for the whole family to use for a long time and without the frequent addition of soap, great for alcohol, liquid hand soap, dishwashing detergent and other liquids. The battery case cover is so easy to open that batteries (4 * AAA) are easier to install. When the battery is low, the light will flash to remind you to change it in time.

Customer Service:

We offer a 1 year warranty, replacement and refund. If you have any questions or wish to do so, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible within 24 hours. The 4 * 4AA batteries are not included.

Product description

AHUIFT Automatic Shiny Chrome Soap Dispenser, be neat and shiny like your sink.

400 ml contactless soap dispenser for the health and free life of the family

With a capacity of 400 ml, this automatic liquid soap dispenser is contactless after switching on. Keep your hands within 5 cm of the sensor. The soap automatically sprays 1 ml at a time. If you need more, you can recapture it. The touchless soap dispenser can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and is particularly suitable for families. Whenever it is, with health is with freedom! There is blue light when the liquid is splashing and when it is 


1.Please take out the battery if you will not be using it for a long time.

2. Please do not soak the device in water to avoid damage.

3.Please note that the normal working temperature is 3 ~ 40 ° C.

4. Please make sure to replenish the fluid level in good time when it is low.

5. Please do not note that the liquid soap must not be diluted or cannot splash out.

6. Please make sure that the liquid cover is installed well, otherwise the liquid will splash.


Type: Automatic soap dispenser


Material: ABS

Capacity: 400ml

Waterproof: IPX6

Battery: 4 * AAA batteries (not included)


1 * soap dispenser

1 * English user manual