Abdominal Belt Fitness Belt Fitness Belt Sweat Belt for Fat Burning Adjustable Waist Shaper Sauna Abdominal Belt Sweat


This abdominal belt fitness belt is made of durable silver three-layer that increases sweat by retaining body heat during exercise, maximizing calorie consumption when exercising, depositing extra fat on the waist and increasing the excretion of Toxins and local fat catabolism to smooth the stomach.


Abdominal belt is made up of 13 steel bones that provide full coverage and strong support for abs and lower back, reducing the risk of injuries while exercising. Help relieve pressure on the waist and improve muscle mobility without affecting the firm structure. .


Sweat belts sauna belly away promote your posture and stability, break down harmful fat together with sweat during training and at the same time melt belly fat. You should also pay attention to a balanced abdominal training and a healthy diet.


This waist trimmer belt has 3 adjustable hooks that let you adjust the compression you want. The durable and stretchy material offers wide coverage to hold the tummy well and balance out the lumps and bumps on the waistline, the stubborn belly fat, and help build your six pack and killer abs and beautiful natural curve. “


Waist Trainer Weight Lifting Belt Sweat Ab Belt Waist is great for fitness, weight training, cycling, jogging, Zumba or the office and home that helps burn more fat, relieve back pain and correct posture, say goodbye to Humpback.

Product descriptions


Increase the sweat for weight loss.

Great back support and flat stomach.

Correct posture, relieve back pain and prevent overloading of the lumbar muscles.

Sauna sweat effect in love handles & fat belly against cellulite.

Create a charming sexy body curve and coverage to hold the belly well and even out the lumps and bumps on the waistline.

Customer Review

The corset from encloses the abdomen tightly to increase the core warmth of the abdomen and stimulates sweating three times more than usual. It helps you to complete your training-fitness plan faster and easier. Pressure can adjusted flexibly.

so that it is easy to carry for daily activities like housework or dating 
after the birth of a child you look slim again faster.